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OC12 wireless quotes are determined by the location of the business requiring wireless service. Market conditions also determine the price of OC12 wireless quotes. If there are several companies supplying this service to your location, usually, you will receive more competitive pricing.  

OC12 wireless service provides 622 Megabits per second (mbps) of bandwidth. OC12 wireless service may be available to businesses that cannot obtain traditional fiber line OC12 service. This is because to be economically feasible, traditional OC12 land lines require a business to be located within a reasonable distance from a telecom provider’s fiber-fed central office (CO). Fiber lines are not available to every CO, and the cost of laying fiber to a business location can eliminate the feasibility of fiber circuits. For some locations, fiber is not an option due to restrictions and/or obstructions such as right-of-ways, rivers, freeways, city ordinances, or distance from a fiber-fed CO. OC12 wireless can be obtained through the air, and may be available via microwave relay to locations where OC12 over fiber would not be practical.  

If your business has increased bandwidth needs beyond the capacity and speeds supplied by an OC3 circuit (155 mbps), Fast Ethernet circuit (100 mbps) or a DS3 circuit (45 mbps), OC12 wireless service may be the option you are looking for. OC12 wireless bandwidth can support internet connection, point-to-point private lines and MPLS networks. An OC12 wireless circuit can facilitate email, centralized data transfer, web hosting, data or video streaming and voice (telephone) and video conferencing.  

Wireless OC12 is an excellent option as a back-up circuit. While traditional land-line services are delivered to a business through a physical land-line connection, OC12 wireless service is delivered through the air. If a natural disaster or other accident cuts the physical fiber or copper lines that deliver traditional bandwidth services, your wireless service can serve as an instant back-up. Imagine being cut off from your customers for four hours, a day, a week or even a month when your primary bandwidth service is interrupted. When this happens, are your customers going to wait for your bandwidth issues to be resolved or will they search out your competitors? Also, visualize your employees sitting inactive while you are paying them for the amount of time it takes for your primary circuit to be repaired. In today’s highly volatile and competitive business environment, most companies cannot afford either scenario.  

OC12 wireless quotes are often priced far more competitively than an equivalent land-line bandwidth circuit. For this reason, and because wireless bandwidth is proving to be so dependable, many businesses are now using wireless as their primary bandwidth circuit and land-line circuits for their back-up.  

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